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17 June 2012


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Lawrence - Those are very distressing photographs and even more so when clicked and enlarged. They do however show the close link monkeys and humans have. A mother's grief is not easy to hide.

Keep up the good work as your photos and footage are both interesting and of great educational value to many people.


Thanks, Martyn. The more I see of these monkeys the more similarities I see with humans. Observing them is a good way to consider how we humans behave because most of the time we just take our own behaviour for granted. And the other thing that occurs to me is how much of our own behaviour is instinctive and culturally ingrained.

michael hare

As always, a wonderful post Lawrence. I have just spent one hour back reading your posts. Wonderful information.

Seriously Lawrence, some university will soon confer a honorary Doctor of Science on you and it will be well deserved.

I enjoyed your post about Singapore. My son was there two weeks ago and appreciated the gardens and trees.

I read today that Bangkok's Ratchaprasong area aims to emulate Singapore's Orchard Road. Do you think they can do it?

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