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21 February 2012


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Wonderful to see and read! What a fantastic project to envision and execute.


Lawrence - What a difference a month or two makes. The place looks absolutely amazing. The downstairs living area and garden really do look nice and the whole house is going to make a marvellous research and study centre. Those monkeys had better appreciate what's been done for them.

It's amazing what a community can do when so many of its people pull together for a worthwhile cause.

Well done Phana.


Nicki, thanks a lot. It seems a bit weird you reading about Phana from (I imagine) the depths of Norwegian winter. Hope you are enjoying it. Does Monty ski or snowboard or something? Now he's been as far as Abu Dhabi, maybe you should come further next time and see us in Phana. We'd love that.


Hi Martyn, Glad you approve the look of the place. We're hoping the monkeys won't come anywhere near it, but the researchers seem pretty happy there. It's right on the main road through the village so it gets a lot of attention and passing comment, nearly all of it favourable.

Phana just won 1 million baht for good governance and community involvement for the third year running (I blogged about this last year or the one before) so it is a community which generally works well together. Maybe the ageing population that you have sometimes noted has something to do with that. We don't have much else to do, I suppose.


Hi Lawrence, the house looks fantastic. It will be a must see on the itinerary next time we're in Thailand. Liew has already got a list of books she is ready to donate. Keep up the mighty good work.

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