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31 December 2011


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Lawrence - My apologies for commenting a bit late on this one but I've had a busy start to the new year.

I particularly like the photo of you stood behind the five youngsters and I couldn't help but notice the four girls have all got the same hairstyle (I guess most school kids have). The 'fab five' look like a budding pop band with their manager proudly stood in the background.

The two girls sporting Santa hats on rocking horses, shouldn't they be reindeer's?


Busy, Martyn? Me too, hence no blogs yet this year. A budding pop band, you think. I must look into whatever talent they might have. As for the reindeer, they refused to come to Phana on the grounds that it wasn't cold enough. Saved us a lot of money on presents!
Coming over in February? Try Boun Phra Lao (bring your own ear plugs).

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