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03 November 2011


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Very interesting, the drawing of the new shrine looks like it would be of a similar size as the city pillar shrines in the provincial capitals, thus quite big for a small town like Phana. As I am collecting locations of these Lak Mueang, a map with the location of the original pillar and the site of the planned shrine would have been a nice addition to the post.


Thanks for your comments, Maew Nam. I'm sorry I can't do maps. But the co-ordinates for the new Lak Mueang are:
N15 40 463 E104 51 376.
The old one is at: N15 40 509 E104 51 296, so they are only about 75m apart.

Phana used to be a third-tier Muang under Ubon from 2422 (1879, known as Phanan-nikom. Aymonier mentions it on p44 Chap 4, as being established in 1881. He says the 'capital, formerly Ban Pha Lao, had about two hundred houses'. As does Ban Phana today.

This former glory, and the founding of the village under Champassak 300 years ago, makes us perhaps a bit pretentious, hence the grandeur of the new Lak Mueang.


Thanks for the coordinates, too bad Google Earth has no hires imagery for that area yet, so it is just some blurred houses and fields. I wasn't aware that Phana dates back to a Mueang - I have a list of all the Mueang in the northeast before the thesaphiban reforms, but haven't found the time to work through it in detail yet as my Thai reading is still far from perfect. I will mention this post on my blog next week, do you mind if I "borrow" a photo from here?


Not at all, Maew Nam. I'll appreciate the mention. I look forward to your post.

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