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23 November 2011


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Lawrence what a shame you lost those 1057 photos but I think yours are more than sufficient for this excellent post.

Is that garlic cloves hanging from marigolds in the top photograph. What's the connection there?

Your previous posts had hinted at a lack of interest and some resentment toward the new lak muang, however the efforts put into the decorations and preparations prove otherwise and likewise the big turn out of people on the day prove that too.

The power of having a feed from your blog....I picked this post up almost the very minute you released it.


Spooky speed. I thought I'd done the same with yours, but found Cat and LM had beaten me to it.

Not garlic (no vampires round here that I know of) but just the usual jasmine drops I think. You're right about the interest in the lak muang, and I forgot to mention that it is being done from donations of cash and labour, not from any big budget from 'above'.

Belinda Berry

Thanks for keeping an eye on Nikki (and Hannah) - Nikki's Mum, Belinda


It's a pleasure, Belinda. Nikki and Hannah are easy on the eye and good company. Phana is very lucky to have them here.
The girls invited us to dinner last Saturday, which we enjoyed very much. They are adventurous cooks -- and not disheartened by some less-than-perfect results in one or two cases.
We kept our eye on you, too, because we were introduced to you all by way of all the photos on the wall.
We hope to meet you when you come to Phana, by the way.
Please read some more!

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