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26 August 2011


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Lawrence, the Visit Phana leaflet reads as a very good positive for your community's efforts to boost tourism in the area. I'm sure tourism will improve if the leaflets are distributed to the right sources. Hotels, bus stations, travel agencies etc. And please do hurry to print the information in Thai because there's 50 million potential visitors out there.

I'm sure Yingluck and her Red Army will rubber stamp a project which is rooted in the heart of Isaan. Big Brother will surely see to that.

Good luck to the Visit Phana project, one day I intend visiting Phana myself.


Hi Martyn. Not sure about the rubber stamp, depends on whether they prefer the carrot to the stick. Phana could be punished for persisiting in voting for the opposition (as it now is). So we might not get any help in distributing leaflets. I've done a couple more and I'll put them up here sometime.

We look forward to welcoming you and Wi to Phana one day. Udon it is not, though. Timing is the essence: October to April.


Phana have a bank? I heard they going
to built a Tesco Lotos there soon. Is
this true?


Hi Paul. A bank? Not really. There's a small branch of the BaaC (Bank of Agriculture and Credit, I think) which is a savings and loan bank for farmers. They have a Western Union sign outside, though. There are two ATMs, one at the new bus station/market, the other outside Tetsaban Phana offices.

A Tesco Lotus seems unlikely. There is a Tesco Express at Trakan, 22 kms away. Our new market is flourishing, main meetings are on Saturday and Wednesday mornings, with smaller meetings on Monday and Thursday evenings. Haven't heard anything to suggest more is on the way. We still don't have a 7, a matter of pride, I think.

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