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10 July 2011


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Larry  Hickey

What is the product that they the mats are weaved from? Can you get pictures of it growing and then preped for dyeing?


Hi Larry. It is a kind of reed (กก), not hard but fairly stiff (I'm sorry now I put the Thai translation in). I haven't a photo of it growing and right now I'm in UK, so won't be able to get one. Sorry.


Lawrence - It's great to see the old style way of weaving is still very much in use in Isaan's villages. They are hardly a production line type of machine, more a ladies social get together with an end product which in this case is benefiting Ban Sema's community. I bet those women have a real good gossip.

A new broom sweeps clean. Maybe it's a mediation technique which also leaves the temple grounds shipshape and proper.


Aaaaah.....mediation should read meditation.


(Older)Thai ladies have lots of different ways to get together socially. The pursuit of sanuk is the one thing they never have to put in their constitution (though maybe the constitutions would last longer if they did).

A mediation technique? Yes, who would want compromise when you could have a clean sweep?

A meditation technique, undoubtedly. As you say, Martyn.


Donation of land and money for the good of the community and visit to this place earlier this year.

בניית בריכת שחיה

Sure in the village that would provide mats or a limited area, perhaps something to change the product produced in another nearby village.

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