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30 June 2011


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Lawrence I see the donation comes in the form of the generous lady getting a little money back to help fund her new farmhouse. I'm sure her land and house in the village were valued at a lot more than the 110,445 Baht she'll receive.

Attacks by wild animals....that got me thinking. I know you're talking years gone by but what type of animals are you suggesting.

You'll be pleased to know I've picked up your last two posts via feedburner.


Hi, Martyn. Yes, I think what impressed me most was the way that all interested parties seemed to benefit from this little scheme.

Well, when Isan was much more densely forested, people setting up new villages had to beware of tigers and elephant mostly. Crocodiles, too, perhaps, if they were close to a river. Houses on stilts and clustered close together may have afforded some protection against other people, too, I suppose, though it didn't always protect the people in Lao who were made slaves, did it?

Glad to hear that feedburner is working, though there isn't much here for you to pick up at the moment. Must try harder.

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