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24 April 2011


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Lawrence I'm nuts about cashews, I absolutely love them, especially if they're heavily salted. There was a bar (now closed) in Udon Thani that sold lightly fried cashew nuts with finely chopped spring onion sprinkled on top. I used to enjoy nibbling on them with a cool beer to wash them down.

If Tesco Lotus find out about this post then their cashews are going to be put on the top shelf.

I don't know the word but I do know a girl who might.

Good post.

Catherine Wentworth

Hilarious! I'll never see a cashew in the same light again :-)


Martyn, I know the dish you mean (I'm referring here to the fried cshew nuts) but not the bar. Those nuts are especially good for making you want to drink morre cold beer.

Good luck it your language studies!


Cat, I'm glad you enjoyed this. On Saturday I should have a few pics of cashews.

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