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30 March 2011


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Lawrence, great pic of the monk and monkey's.

Unfortunately in a way humans are really to blame in the first place(for aggressive behaviour) given that the Macaques diet is not naturally what they are being fed by us.

Of course we humans think we are being kind, its the same in Prachuap on Mirror Mountain. The monkeys often invade part of the town looking for an easy meal.

Perhaps the food would be better given to the hundreds of emaciated dogs and the monkey's left to forage in the forest.......but then again we have probably destroyed that habitat too.

Anyway sorry to be negative, its just that I prefer to see nature truly wild.


Great pictures and glad you got a chance to sit and enjoy them I love them too . malcolm


Thanks for the compliments, guys.

Mike, don't apologize for being negative, I feel much the same way, but hope to sort something out before it is too late. Have you been to Lopburi? Ghastly environment for monkeys and humans. We mustn't let thngs get to that.


Lawrence I have to agree with Mike and Malcolm in saying the pictures are very good. You also offer sound advice to us poor souls who are a little wary about the monkeys getting too close.

They really are cute looking things....with very sharp teeth.

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