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28 March 2011


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Lawrence, one of my pet hates here(litter not monkey's). Thais are very good at forming task forces etc but if they didn't discard the stuff wholesale in the first place there would be no problem.

Of course, in my opinion, the real problem is the Thai reliance on plastic bags to take away food in. What happened to the good old banana leaf and other natural containers?


Hi,Mike .. and Good Morning.

What happened? Development happened, chiefly of the plastic bag industry; and convenience, as more people became busier.

But I have a cunning plan re the plastic bag problem and the forest here ... don't know how it will be greeted and I don't expect immediate action anyway.


Yes, the Thai's reliance on plastic bags is the problem ... the girl at the 7/11 looked at me in amazement when I told her not to put my 1 can of Cola and a straw in a plastic bag !
If not banana leaves, how about recycled newspaper or paper bags for the monkey food ? At least they are biodegradable.
I'll have to come and visit phana one day when I'm up at the GF's village, my GF is from Muang Samsip, just down the road from you.


Hi, Mike N. I've just come through Muang Samsip and its bright lights. The people there will look at you in amazement if you say you want to go to Phana. Please visit.

Thanks for your suggestion but I'm not sure the distinction btween biodegradable and not is strong enough. I have suggested plastic baskets with a 10/20 Baht deposit. Even if the monkeys run off with them it will be worth someone's while to retrieve them and get the deposit.


The rubbish strewn around Thailand is a real shame. But some areas in the country are honestly trying to handle the problem. In one national park, before you are allowed to go in, you are told to leave any disposable items at the entrance.

So no coke cans, no water bottles, no packages of food.


Cat, Thanks for your comment. Phana is trying very hard to handle the problem, but it doesn't go away. It's a lot like ... well, anything that you have to keep repeating.

Good idea on the part of the National Park but a bit of a wet blanket for anyone hoping for a picnic in pleasant surroundings. (I know, too many picnics and the surroundings are no longer pleasant.) Also it needs the kind of policing that Phana can't afford. But we've made a good start as a post soon to appear suggests.

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