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14 February 2011


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Lawrence I do like the window decoration, very colourful and modern looking.

I would enjoy looking around the sala and reading (if any of it is in English) all the information going back 300 years. The past and how people lived many years ago holds a big fascination to me.

Enjoy the festival and don't forget to take some popcorn to the movies.


Martyn, glad you like the window decoration. It's vey effective. Some of the other part of the wat look like a Christmas tree. At the moment none of the information is in English, but Phana is part of a TAT-sponsored community-based tourism scheme, so translating some of this and setting up a permanent exhibition are on the cards.

Popcorn? You haven't heard about my diet. As for the movies,I'll be able to hear every dubbed word from the house, so I'll ptobably give being there a miss.

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