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20 February 2011


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Lawrence what an absolutely marvellous event, every partaking cyclist must have thoroughly enjoyed it, and the local soi dogs must have thought it was Christmas Day. Phana must now have the fittest dogs in Thailand.

That's the sort of event I could enjoy myself, a leisurely bike ride and the thrill of the contest. Super stuff and I hope they make it an annual event.


Thanks for your comment, Martyn. It was a very enjoyable day so I'm glad that seems to have come across. The organisation was complicated but very efficient, though I had had my doubts it would be. There was just one embarrassing slip-up but a letter of apology has gone to the offended school which had been expecting a stop. It is planned to make it an annual event and people are saying it will be better next year. It doesn't need to be much better so I hope they don't overdo it. So, about the same date next year, will we see you here in a pink shirt (provided, of course)?

My early morning bike ride today seemed to uncover more and bigger dogs, some threatening but so far the 'barking dogs don't bite' adage has held true. They are domestic, well-fed dogs guarding property, not neglected semi-wild ones.


Lawrence if I competed in the bike rally I'd have to wear an England shirt. That would make me more competitive and the victory even sweeter.

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