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05 February 2011


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Cat tells me it is called "Kong". (spelling is up to the reader) It is a food carrying device in so much as you can put all the live food in from the top and also from that only opening inward bottom doorway. Simple yet very effective, works a treat!!


Ha! Fish traps! The "stopper" is actually a container for appropriate fish food, and the fish or eels enter through the flaps at the bottom. These are rather crude ones, others I have seen have inward facing bamboo spikes, rather than flaps, to prevent egress of the prey.


Thanks, guys. A "Kong" certainly, so thanks to Kris and Cat for that.

And mirthseeker is also right about it being used as a trap here. In this part of Isan I guess we are all too gentle to use bamboo spikes. They sound really nasty. Makes me think of tiger traps more than fish and eels (and lizards).

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