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25 January 2011


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They might have received a Benz if they'd not had a ding-dong with a local businessman - dropped a clanger there I think....

Have a nice day, Boonie


Lawrence I like the green tuk tuk parked under the kuti. Very humble yet economic transport for a monk.

Those Wat bells have a very definite distinctive ring to them. In some ways I'd describe it as a spooky ghostly kind of noise. The sound gets the hairs on the back of my neck half stood up. Scary.


Boonie? ... I'm sure that name ringsa bell.

Martyn, I haven't found the bell scary, but the drum this morning woke me at 6 am and I couldn't sleep again. But that's OK in a way, because the early mornig is such a nice time of day. Plenty of time for sleeping later.

Thanks to you both for your comments.




Multilingual word-play. OO! Bien.

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