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14 January 2011


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Lawrence are Thai girls getting taller or has all that cold Devon weather shrunk you an inch or two.

It's a great tribute to Phana's education system that these village girls can scoop such prestige prizes in a competition which would have been contested by hundreds of richer city kids from supposedly better schools. Well done to the three of them.

I wonder if they made it to Udon Thani's Central Plaza shopping centre. That would have got a "wow" from Wow and her two buddies.


Hi Martyn. Maybe my diet is making me shorter as well as slimmer, in which case I could end up in the same proportion as before. No, Thai girls and boys are getting taller (and in many cases, not these, fatter). Their diet is better and worse.

People round here still see education as the way to change their lives. A good example is the new Director of Phana General Hospital, Dr Patumpong. He comes from the tiny village of Ban Nong Chang Noi, about 15 km from Phana. I think he is the first non-Bangkok Director here, and it makes a big difference. He wants to stay, for one thing.

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