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04 January 2011


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Lawrence thanks for the lowdown on bottled water production in Thailand. The unit is very efficient and remarkably clean. Two baht a bottle isn't too bad wages as well.

I really should drink more water when I'm in Thailand but it's rare I do. That and not eating much fruit are two areas of my holidays I must put right.


I guess 400 Baht a day is OK. I noticed that the woman filling didn't stop working, she continued while talking to us. And the same for the two young girls wshing the returns. So I suppose they were all on piece-work rates. The fourth woman seemed to be the admin -- she looked after the book that recorded the others' working time as well as taking and dispatching orders.

I can't see how the operation makes much profit, if any. As well as these four (not always the same ones each day) there are at least two men who deliver, plus their fuel, plus electricity for the pumps and equipment. I wonder if the equipment was paid for and installed as part of a government / provincial scheme. I know that was the case with setting up several weaving groups.

As for the water and fruit, Martyn. You are on holiday, so if you don't fancy them they aren't worth spoiling your holiday for. Whatever a medical blogger might say!

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