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30 January 2011


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Our banana tree has been attracting a lot of interest here in the village. Not because lots of people here read this blog (although a few do)but by word of mouth, the mouths of the two women in the last picture to start with, I guess. So yesterday and this morning about 20 people have strolled through our garden to take a look. Most of them were clearly making their own interpretation of what they saw.

And now (15.54 local time) we have just been told that the last two digits of the winning number (and it is these last two digits that people bet on) are 89. Is this a result, as they say. Well, apparently it is, at least in hindsight. I'll explain:

The banana flower is called plee gluay (ปลีกล้วย) so they are saying plee represents eight (แป) and gluay represents 9 (เก้า). In other words, the last two digits begin with the same consonants as banana flower in Thai. Got it? Too late now, if you wanted to win.


Lawrence Thai people never cease to amaze me when it comes to the lottery and ways to get those winning numbers. Trees, frogs, naga's and who knows what are all sought out to get the winning pick.

This post should get you quite a few search hits.

Good post but I'm not sure I follow your 8&9 explanation.


I'll try to explain the 8, 9 business.

P is the first consonant sound of 8 (paed) and g is the first sound of 9 (gaew) as well as the first consonant sounds of Plee Gluay (banana flower). It looks confused because the vowel letter is placed before the consonant.

Anyway, I guess like me, you didn't win, Martyn. So what are we? No, of course we are not. We didn't lose any investment for a start.


Lawrence now I understand the 8&9 connection.

If you can remember my Sang Khom Naga lottery story which featured a car shrine then I have an update.

The car's registration numbers were 5983 which didn't hold the winning numbers in the mid month draw but do contain the two number winner this time. The 8&9 are in their but the wrong way round. Weird.

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