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18 January 2011


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Lawrence love the British. Now I have never seen this here in Nong Hin.

I know you called it ladies who lunch but presumably the food is for the monks who do not eat after 12 so what time are the shots taken?

Great pics too.


Glad you liked the title, Mike. It took me a while to come up with it.

Well, on a day like in the last picture, there's too much for the one monk, so when he has eaten what he needs (or a bit more than that, perhaps) he then invites everyone present to share the rest. He may have been joined by one or two other monks. So after they watch him eat, he watches them eat. Followed by chat, gossip, advice-seeking and so on. That's the life of a village monk. Provided he is popular, of course, and/or he has lots of relatives. The women usually sit in little groups and share each other's food. It's a nice life for all concerned, if you ask me. Picture taken about 11.15.

We didn't stay to eat, by the way. You can see Pensri busily making notes. We had gone to invite the abbot to our Tam Boun. More of him in my next post -- he surprised us.

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