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29 December 2010


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Lawrence last week Wilai bought a handful of those strange green pods and when I asked what they were the translation wasn't too clear cut. Thanks for clearing that one up for me.

You missed some great weather in Phu Rua this week. Fog, intense heat and cold evenings. the perfect flower growing weather.

Happy New Year to you and Pensri.


Glad to be of help, Martyn.

You are making me envious about Phu Rua. If someone could just beam me up there I'd be happy.

Thanks for your new year wishes. The same to you and Wilai. Don't hurry back to UK.

John Shoane

Lotus flowers are actually a form of lilies. They can be seen growing all over Thailand. I wasnt aware of the the Thai buddhist attachment though I thought lotus flowers were more of a Chinese thing.

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