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07 December 2010


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Lawrence great idea glad to see you move to WP. You have your first follower ;-)


Lawrence, excellent and like Mike I also noted Isan Traveller is a Wordpress blog. That should help straight away.

It's good that you are promoting Isaan as a whole and I'll look forward to future posts on the area, especially ones in and around Udon Thani.


Thanks, Martyn -- but like Mike the move to WP might mean you get lots of questions from me. If so, simple answers, please. And any ideas how I coud improve the look of it would be welcomed. I remember you approved of the changes I made to this blog a long time back.


Lawrence building a site is a slow and experimental thing so experiment.

I think your recent posts should be in your right sidebar and not at the bottom, you should get more clicks on it there.

I use a self hosted Wordpress so I'm not familiar with the .com version but if it is the same then try Clean Archives plugin which is pretty neat.

Any help you need then feel free to email me but I'm no expert myself.


Thanks, Martyn, I have done as you suggested. And now I have yet another blog to maybe experiment with, though there'e nothing Isan about this one. I'm a bit afraid to experiment too much for fear of ruining the whole thing. A bit of a dinosaur, I'm afraid.

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