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15 December 2010


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Turkey's in Thailand.....well I never. My biggest problem would be we don't have an oven. How do you cook the beast?

I'm salivating at the though since I too am off the pork!


Mike, Pensri plans to cook it as she did once in Exeter when our kitchen was out of commission one Christmas.

Steam the turkey in a BIG steamer on a gas ring or a charcoal thing. Stand the bird in a tray so that you catch the juices for use as gravy. Pensri inserted a quartered large onion, a quartered, peeled orange and about 4 sticks of lemon grass into said bird before cooking. She made and served stuffing separately.

The turkey was very tender but not dry as when roasted.

Finally she will cut into half or maybe quarters and grill over charcoal just to make the skin turn brown and crisp up a bit. We didn't do this in Exeter, in fact, but will here in Phana. Or she may brown some pieces such as legs in our little electric oven, though that will also be roasting spuds etc.

Salivate away!


Lawrence sounds great. A good way to enjoy a traditional lunch.


Lawrence I once went on search of turkeys up in the mountains of Loei. To cut the story short a hotel trip advertising a turkey farm turned out to be a let down when we arrived to find out the farm had been closed down months before.

Do people eat turkey eggs? This question came up at work last week but no one knew the answer.

Enjoy your Christmas lunch and I hope the day runs smooth.


Lawrence , Wow ,I had given up on ever even hearing about a turkey here in the LOS , your story brought a smile to my face and triggered a memory that I had not thought of for many years , the time my Bro. and Sister and me went with Dad to the neighbors farm to pick out the holiday turkey and when my sister saw them she was so taken with them that we could not have turkey again at home till she married off.Till this day on her mini farm where she lives in Texas she has turkeys running around the yard , they are just like having a dog she says , to each his own , ha ha , great photos too and loved the story. Malcolm


Martyn, I hope you once posted that story about the closed turkey farm in Loei, because if not I'm suffering from deja vu.

You might like the hotel in Ubon which has a big notice outside advertising its "Turkey Bath and Massage".

Don't know about the eggs, but I guess they are sometimes eaten, or why would he have had one for me to hold. But I'd think breeding them would be more profitable.


Malcolm, in your turn you brought a smile to my face with your story about your sister. I hope you didn't have to wait too long till she was married off. And I hope she married a turkey lover.

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