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11 October 2010


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Lawrence this has been a great story. I hope that things work out. How marvellous the Internet can be.

Drop me a mail to let me know when you get back.

Off on a road trip for a few days now.


Lawrence the story unfolds more and yet you are now thousands of miles away from its source. Al must be in an emotional state right now and really his only option is to hope his sisters visit him in Thailand. I hope they do because Al's story deserves a happy ending and a free roti or two for you.

Best wishes from Wiltshire.


Mike, thanks for your comment. Hope you enjoy the road trip but also that you'll still have some wanderlust left for when I'm back in Thailand. That won't be until late November, by the way. Will email you then, and am following your road trip now (I think).


Hi Martyn. I agree with you, Al is a man I really admire (though I also know he can be a bit of a difficult person to deal with). It was discretion that stopped me taking photos of an attractive young muslim woman. If I had, the words "My father wants to see you" would have put even more fear into me!

You seem to be back from LOS very quickly. Must have seeemed even quicker to you. How was the little dog situation resolved? Or not.


Gaan has returned to the village home, we picked him up no problem though I think he was wondering where he was going again. Thanks for asking.

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