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01 October 2010


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Paul Garrigan

I enjoyed reading this. It is good that this man no longer needs to hide. I think you demonstrate that it is worthwhile to try and get to know people who we would normally more or less ignore; they can have such interesting lives.


Lawrence a great story, very interesting too.

I really must engage my local Roti man in conversation since like most of his fellow tradesman he is originally from Bangladesh.

Its also good that you highlight one of the many good things that Thaksin did which a lot of people conveniently forget.

Duen's father(deceased) was originally from Myanmar and got his Thai citizenship in a similar way albeit before TS came to power.


Thanks to you both (Paul and Mike) for your comments. Glad you enjoyed reading about 'Al'. There is a follow-up to come, in fact, because his life took a new turn earlier this year.

Not sure that Mr T did 'many' good things. He too often felt that what was good for him was good for Thailand and also made very sure that the converse was true.


Lawrence what a fascinating story. So many of us if put into Al's situation of arriving in a new country would have sunk on the streets of Bangkok. Al conquered and prospered within the Land of Smiles. That's of great credit to the man. I'm happy he's now not invisible and can travel about without paying unjust fines.

Talking of invisible....I'm a little bit disappointed you haven't included a photo of the pretty young roti seller. I assume you had a camera back in those days.

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