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27 October 2010


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Lawrence, a very interesting slant to this story from the UK. I particularly liked the elderly English folk shushing. So very British.

I was up at Duen's local temple a couple of weeks ago for the anniversary of her fathers death.

I wonder what your English audience would of made of the entrance of the lottery ticket seller as the monks were chanting.

PS She sold two tickets ;-)


Good timing on the part of the lottery seller, I'd have thought. It must be an auspicious time so I'm surprised she only sold two. You didn't win, did you? No, I thought not.


Lawrence an excellent account of the Kathin celebrations being held in England. The differences of opinions between the Thais present and their UK counterparts also highlight the more seriousness nature of are English ways.

Great post, smashing photos and I bet you can't wait to get back to Phana.


I forgot to add, what a great comment by Mike. Very funny but oh so true.


Lawrence, what a timely post. I'll be in Devon before the end of the year. If I have the time (you know how that goes!) I'll stop by the monastery.


Cat, I think you'd enjoy a trip out to the monastery and there would be some good photo ops for you there, I think. It is not easy to find, so if you would like directions, let me know and I'll mail you them.


Thank you for sharing this experience, it is very interesting to see how across so many religions the idea of ordaining woman seem to be so controversial.

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