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09 August 2010


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Great post!
By the way, I'm interested to know what you're excuse for not accompanying was.... Perhaps something like, "Snow use, I don't think that I can do it".

Have a good day, Boonsong


Sorry about the grammatical goolie in my previous comment - "you're" should be "your"


Thanks for your comments, Boonsong. You got my excuse almost spot on although I think I was frozen out by ageism. How about you ghost-writing my blog since I have dried up a bit recently?

Yes, it should be "your" but not a lot of people know that, as somebody about my age once (or twice) didn't say.

Paul Garrigan

My Thai wife would love to see snow. We've been back to Ireland many times, but the closest we got to it was sleet. A few weeks ago I went with my wife and son to Dreamworld. We went and looked at the artificial snow there but it would be nice to see the real thing.


Spot on with this one Lawrence, Duen has this thing about snow and wanting to touch it.

Little does she know how cold she would be. If I have the air-con at 25C she says its cold :-)


Thanks for your comment, Paul. Yes, sleet doesn't quite make it up there as a must-see, does it?

Maybe you can relate to Mike's comment, and think it's best to keep some dreams out of reach because making them come true can destroy the magic they promised.


Lawrence I really enjoyed looking at the photos, not a shivering tooth in sight, only beautiful smiles. Everybody must have loved it. In the bottom photo young Ben looks like he's aiming a small snowball at someone, surely not, Thai's wouldn't do that sort of thing would they.


Martyn ... they might, if the police are "looking the other way" ... which they might, with a bit of encouragement.

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