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22 August 2010


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Lawrence.....they have got to be kidding about Chang?

Which in my opinion is aptly named as in Elephant, or perhaps that should be with the aroma of elephant poo?


Mike, I certainly find it a lot easier to imagine the aroma of elephant poo than 'honeyed raisin toast', whatever that might be.


Lawrence, it seems like a lot of Thai's prefer England and Canada. Even though there is a big Buddhist Wat in Washington D.C. I can't remember any Thai festivals or events taking place anywhere on the eastern seaboard of America.

It sure would have been nice to experience a little in the states while missing Thailand...Chang beer and all.


Lawrence I did a google search on the Thai newspaper and there is an online version of it at

The advert for Beer Chang makes it sound a very tasty drink, obviously my taste buds are out of sync.

I hope the weather is good for the Thai Family Fun Day this weekend and make sure you get lots of photos. I'm looking forward to your post on Wimbledon Park's big Thai day. Maybe the Wombles will travel down from London.


Hi Talen ... you won't be short of festivals now you're in Thailand that's for sure.
Thanks for visiting Thai Life in Phana.


Hi Martyn, thanks for posting the newspaper link here.
I don't think I'll be at the 'Fun Day' in fact. I'll leave it to the Wombles. They can have the Chang Beer too.

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