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26 July 2010


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Lawrence one might also murmur "wow this is good but its bl**dy hot!"

Unless of course your mouth is like the inside of a furnace :-)

Nice photographs and an easy to follow recipe. I can see you are missing LOS.

BTW check out the latest Temple on TOT its up your way(sort of).


Lawrence , hurry home , you're missing a lot of good times and food,Ciejays daughter (Thai) sent her some of the Nam Prik from Nakson Sawon and you would have thought she had won the loto ha ha . great pictures and easy recipe , Ciejay says it's always best when someone else makes it and gives it as a gift for you , and she ran up and down the soi sharing a little with all the neighbors they loved it . Give Pensri a big hell for us . Malcolm and Ciejay



Catherine Wentworth

Ok, I've just finished my dinner but now I'm hungry again :-)


Sorry, Malcolm, your second comment came too late! You and I are both in trouble now!

Lots of food sharing goes on in Phana, too. It does seem good to be eating someone else's food and it's a nice way to keep in touch with people in a low-key sort of way.


Cat, I'm not sure this would fill you up but it would probably destroy a good many taste buds. Or is that just a myth?

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