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11 June 2010


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Michael Hare

Excellent post again Lawrence. Certainly there is no news here in Thailand of the Hmong. I agree with you about the USA Hmong actively putting out anti Lao government propaganda. Where I have been working in North Vietnam there are a lot of hill tribes. All I am told have Vietnamese nationally which is different to what happens in Thailand.


What a detailed, well researched, and well presented account. Excellent photos too.
Thanks for this excellent post.

All the best, Boonsong


Hello Lawrence

Thanks for your very mischievous comment left on my blog post recently. I’ve just posted a reply to it. You might like to take a look at it.

Thanks for your good humour and sense of fun.

All the best, Boonsong (not always somboon….)


Lawrence two excellent posts which gave me a bit of an education about the Hmong. The Lao government does seem to be trying to resettle them in perhaps better conditions than the more poorer souls of the country are accustomed to. That can cause a little resentment.

The ball throwing courtship is a strange one, the first I've heard of it. Then again Britain's young courtship ritual of the boyfriend getting blind drunk and being sick in his girlfriend's parents house might seem strange to the Lao people.

The pose taken up by the lady in pink is the Thai one where the fingers form the bottom corner of a photograph frame. I'm posing take your picture sort of thing.

Best wishes.


Thanks to you all for visiting my blog and for your comments. I guess you can see that I have a particular affecion for Laos and most things Lao.

Re Michael's comment: Yes, the ethnic minorities in Lao PDR all have Lao nationality. I still remember that one of the revolutionary songs had the words (roughly) Raw khon Lao bor mene khai eun (we are all Lao and nobody else) which was aimed especially at the minorities as well as anyone who didn't treat them as equals.

Re Martyn: I suppose the very small kids throwing the cloth balls are just practising catching & throwing (and having fun) rather than actually courting. Playing at courting, perhaps. I saw one cute young woman getting very angry when her young man threw one she couldn't catch, so I guess he learnt something important about her character.

And Boonsong: thanks for the compliments, and yes, I've seen your reply, thanks.


Good post and interesting pix. The war must've been devastating for this country. The bomb crater is massive and impressive but great pix of the PDJ. Thanks!

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