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29 June 2010


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So your inablility to purchase your favourite newspaper became the rest of the world's good fortune. Funny how life goes, uh?
I enjoy your blog a lot.

Thanks for the link

All the best, Boonsong


Congrats on the e-book launch. So you were selling it through Asia Books?

Account Deleted

Thanks for the kind reference and link to my blog.
Your friendly neighborhood Village Farang.


Lawrence thanks for the link love or is it love link. I do get a fair bit of traffic from your site so make that a double thank you.

You write a really enjoyable read on Thai Life in Phana and I know I have learned a lot about rural and Laos influenced life in Isaan. Keep the posts coming.

I've purchased your ebook already and will start to read it very soon.


Lawrence, as you say ,my life has been influenced and enriched by fellow bloggers and I do so look foward to each post by the different ones I read . Thanks for the mention in your post . I remember very well the first time I saw a comment from you on one of my post and how excited I was to click on your name to get to your blog , what a wonderful surprise as I begin to read your posts ,I realized that I was about to learn a lot about life up north in the LOS, than I ever thought I could know . Your pictures always tell the story so well too , I did't know about your e-book and will get it and read . thanks again and " keep on blogging" Malcolm


Thanks to you all for your comments. I hope you enjoy the book, Martyn and Malcolm.

Erich, haven't seen you here before, so thanks for the visit. The book (paper version) is distributed (?) by Orchid Press and is certainly available in their shop in Central at the top of Silom Road.


Lawrence, what a fabulous post. My life has been enriched by the bloggers around me as well. I just wish that there was more time in a day to savour each one.

I haven't read your book about your father-in-law, but as Hugh says it's a good read, I certainly will.


Lawrence. So many great Thailand blogs as you have mentioned and a great community that keeps us all going. It's getting harder daily to keep up with them all.

I hope your book finds new life in it's e-book form.

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