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24 May 2010


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Lawrence I enjoyed that. At least I can start the day with a smile.

HK is a great place, I have only been once and just for 3 days but I found the place magical. Sitting on the waterfront, just strolling around or exploring the island made our stay very enjoyable.


Lawrence I've never been to Hong Kong but it's one place I hope to see sometime, hopefully with Wilai.

Looking at your pics I just had to enlarge the bottom left one to see exactly what it was about. I could see fish, but seafood as well, quite a catch. I assume the chap in the photo above caught them himself.

The Glasgow train trip. I'd have been cheering on the return leg as we crossed the border back into England.


Mike, thanks for your comment. I liked HK a lot, too, but strangely it was the food that disappointed me. I ate at several different places, cheapo to quite expensive, but found the Cantonese food very greasy.

Martyn, thanks for yur comment, too. I do recommend HK, but a word of warning: Thais love it for the shopping opportunities.
Cheering on the return leg? If you had been on the same train as me you would have been the only one cheering. Now why would that be? Maybe we are just less demonstrative.


Hello Lawrence

Another interesting post and more great pictures. Thanks for this.

Thanks too for your comment left on my blog. You were right about "James". I've since corrected my mistake. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

All the best, B

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