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17 May 2010


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Lawrence waxing lyrical and great photos too-what more could a fellow Englishman want?

Cool weather and rain perhaps?

Well it is raining this morning for the first time in 2 months!!

Michael Hare

Buffaloes are indeed beautiful creatures. Lovely photos. I'm off to Suranaree University in Korat tomorrow to be the external examiner for a PhD defense of a thesis entitled "Study on protein requirements of growing male thai swamp buffaloes". Your photos were most appropriate to get me into the mood of an examiner.


Indeed she is beautiful, but not reall my type.
And you've titled this entry "Falling in love again in Thailand" - the first part of that would make a great song title.....


Hello to the three of you:

Mike, I'm getting more than I wanted of cool weather and rain, thank you. But you must be glad of the rainy season arriving at last. Maybe.

Michael, I'm pleased to have inspired you. Hope the trip and the task go well.

Boonsong, I'm glad she's not your type, I'd get jealous else. But hey, a song from my title is a good idea. Maybe I could get Marlene Dietrich to sing it, or Christina Aguilera, even.

Thanks to you all for visiting. I apprecate your comments.


Lawrence I didn't think a buffalo could look as nice as that, even the flies would think twice about having the cheek to settle on him. How much did his lovely silver bell cost?

William Shakespeare would have come up with a few more classics if he had been lucky enough to have spent time in Isaan.


Martyn, thanks for your visit. Yes, there are no flies on HER, I'm sure. Her bell shows that SHE is held in high regard, doesn't it? What are you trying to suggest by repeatedly referring to her as if she was male? Should I be offended? No, but probably SHE should. Incidentally, her good-friend (yes, just good friends) next door is also female.


Lawrence, I'm a huge buffalo fan myself , Ciejay's Mom and Dad had one before the tractors came to Wat Sing (just outside of Chaniet) they were farmers and rice planters, and she has some of the funniest stories to tell about their buffalo, I wish I could get her to write a childrens book and she is great at drawing little pictures , with which she could illustrate, maybe this post will just be the thing to get her excited enough to start , loved the pictures and she really is a beauty. Malcolm


Marlene Dietrich - never 'eard of 'im.

But I have heard of William Shakespeare. Didn't he write those immortal lines,
"A buffalo, a buffalo,
My kingdom for a buffalo...."

All the best, Boonsong

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