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12 April 2010


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I'm really enjoying your blog. And you have some great photos on here. Thanks for this


It was very interesting to read about the famine in 1950. My wife, who lived in Roi Et at that time, has often talked about how hungry they were and what they had to do to survive. She was only 6 years old and did not remember the reason. We will have to make it to Phana on our next trip to see your paradise. We stay in Ban Song Korn (BSK) when in Thailand. BSK is about 9 KM from Amnat Charoen on 202 going towards Yasothon.


John, thanks for your comment. (So you don't just read the newspaper?!) Not everyone did survive so our wives (and you and me) were very lucky.
So BSK is only about 50+ kms from Phana. Hope to see you in Phana, but we won't be there until October/Novemberish. Let me know.

Best wishes.

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