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26 April 2010


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Lawrence - Thailand's wats do have lovely entrances or gateways might be a better term, your photos do prove that. However some such as the one in Wilai's village has an attractive entrance but once inside the grounds are not that well maintained. I have found this to be the case with many of the wats I have visited. What lurks in the long grass and weeds etc. Have you found this to be so with the wat grounds you have seen?

Beauty is only skin deep springs to mind.


Hi Martyn, No I haven't found that, and even small village wats I have driven past seem to be well cared for. I guess it depends a lot on how many monks and novices there are in residence. Maybe you could volunteer to do some gardening for them! But you know, Ubon Province (including Amnat Charoen and Yasothon which used to be part of it) is historically and still now the centre of fairly austere Buddhism.

But yes, there are very likely some things in there that wouldn't like you to step on them. So: Keep off the Grass.

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