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11 April 2010


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Lawrence & Pensri-great stuff, I wonder did it rain after the cat ceremony?

Whatever the result, super childhood memories.


Lawrence and Pensri, what a brilliant story about the Cat Procession as I believe it's known.

I don't know why but I am fascinated by past rural life in Thailand and love reading about things like this. It must have been tough all those years back but the community bond which is strong nowadays must have been even more so back then.

Like Mike I would like to know if it rained after the ceremony.

Thanks for the link, always appreciated.


Thanks for your comments, guys. I like to compare stories about the village when Pensri was young with the way it is now. Some things have changed very little. There is certainly still a community bond, but then as now there was also cheating and small-mindedness, mostly about land.
Well, it rained eventually. Not in time that year, though, I think.
There may be a few more of these stories to come. Inspiration for new stuff isn't so easy at this distance (though you seem to manage it, Martyn).

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