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23 April 2010


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Lawrence what a great idea. Not seen anything like this in my neck of the woods. However my neighbour Annan stopped by last night to show me a turtle he had caught in the local pond.

They don't eat them(here) apparently which was quite surprising.


Mike, I haven't heard of any turtles round here, so don't know if they eat them. I expect they would.
Year-round fish ponds have made a significant impact on local diet (now of course supplemented but not supplanted by large commercial fish farms) and they do their bit for community spirit. One more source of sanuk.


Interesting post, and I love the photos. Thanks for this


Lawrence your photos remind me so much of Wilai's village which has a river (forgotten the name again) running alongside it.

The staple diet of most villagers is sticky rice and fish. I've seen a few big beauties caught in my time but the locals even eat the tiniest of ones too.

I reckon your local open fishing day is probably a good explanation for what you saw at Si Muang Mai District. Maybe it was a fishing competition, do they have them in Ubon.

Turtles...last year I bought a couple of small terrapins for our garden fishing pond but they died after a couple of days. They were hardly a bite size but Wilai's mother didn't eat them unlike the dead gold fish she once cooked up and devoured. I reckon that's proof that Thai's don't eat turtles because mama will eat anything rather than buy it.

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