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18 March 2010


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Lawrence a good idea for a theme. Todays pic made me smile since the person is carrying an essential item I always take with me on the bike-great for deterring soi dogs!


Mike, I bet you only have to brandish the catapault, not actually fire it. But doesn't hissing at them make the dogs back off?


hmmmm, is that a mis placed pic from my younger teen years lawrence?. hope you and fam are doing great. love you all millions. x


Good to see you here, Karl. Yes, if it isn't you, it is someone very like the teen you. I aim to post a short blog about him soon, so keep looking!

Right now we are leaving for Bangkok, Abu Dhabi and Exeter. So remote control blogging for a while.
Take care.

Pattaya Girls

That hand looks too old to be playing with a slingshot :-)

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