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17 March 2010


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Michael Hare

My maid is really upset. She likes the red shirts because the yellow shirts and the current government look down on poor country folk like her and say they are stupid.

And when an Isarn lady gets mad, just agree with her.

She's mad because of the current paddy rice price. Only 6 baht/kg and they were PROMISED more! That is why so much dry season rice was planted in Isarn this year. With the cost of watering and fertiliser, they won't make any profit at all.

She wants Thaksin back, because when he was here, paddy rice was 12 baht/kg.

What can I say. She and her family are deeply affected by the economic situation and they say the government is doing nothing for them at all. They keep getting poorer.


I can't disagree with the bit about agreeing with an Isarn lady when she gets mad!

But here people are saying they HAVE been paid the subsidy, and it has made a huge difference. Also, the government is still paying low-user water bills and electricity bills. And the 30 Baht health fee is now zero. What are you to believe?


Lawrence you must be living in a one off community compared to the rest of Isaan. No red shirt supporters about, money talks and red shirts walk.

I had a look at Somtow's blog and his blood post makes a lot of sense but as we are talking about politics then that quality goes straight out the window.

I intend doing a little research on the Bird Catcher as it's the kind of theme which really interests me. Thanks.


I've read 'Jasmine Nights', so thank you very much for pointing me to Somtow's blog. Mind you, I'm not political (it's pretty apparent on my blog) but he's not just about politics.

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