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03 February 2010


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Lawrence, a good set of photographs. I know the trouble night time shots can cause.

Interesting ceremony too not sure whether the chanters would sooth me or not!


Lawrence I spent a lot of my youth in betting shops and so your 9 blocks of 12 repetitions was easy for me to understand. Betting odds calculations have sharpened my mind to make quick sums a mere second thought.

I would have to agree with Mike and say the chanters would probably keep me up most of the night, I'd probably have to get in an extra packet of cigarettes.

The chanters sitting underneath the grid of sacred thread is a new one to me. Fascinating. Thai's do seem to have a lot of ceremonies where thread is attached to something or someone.

The night time photos. I'm with you on that one. Monks don't look quite so Buddhist with red eye and every goddamn flourescent light spreads itself halfway across the photo. Nice post and lovely photos.


Mike and Martyn:

Thanks to you both for your comments. I hope you can get to see the movie clips which should be up soon (I know Mike had some problems at first).

I could never do any sort of calculation until I became a bus (trolley bus, in fact) conductor in Derby one student Christmas. I learnt very fast to calculate multiple tickets and change . Then late in life I had to teach maths to 9 year-olds and I learnt 9x10 then 9x2. 9x12 became easy! Just shows we should spend less time in school and more time in betting shops and the like.

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