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24 January 2010


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Lawrence you got the post title right as you have had quite a lot of visitors. I'd love to see the monkeys in action, I'm presuming they climb the trees and throw the coconuts down. Perhaps you should have passed the monk's bullet dodging seeds onto the monkeys owners, protection against falling coconuts would be a godsend in that business.

I noticed you have changed your font size, I think I preferred the old style. The font here looks a little too big. Only my opinion of course.


Thanks for the helpful comment, Martyn. I had experimented with pasting from a word doc but they seem to have a different idea of font size. Have edited now, and that proved quite tricky ... it didn't want to be messed around.

The monkeys are very efficeient coconut harvesters. They mostly break the nuts off with their teeth, then throw them down. They and their owners are very gentle with each other but the monkeys are very aggressive towards everyone else. The owners kept warning me to get further back when I was taking pics.


Lawrence great round up and some superb photos, the monkey on the motorbike has it for me (won't tell you what I was thinking).

I love the bit about the seeds, where else in the world could you get these experiences.

BTW the garden looks great. Glad the family are enjoying themselves.


Mike, thanks for the comments.

I think the monkey also thought 'I won't tell you what I am thinking'.


Lawrence the fonts look absolutely perfect now, nice tweak.

singha yendee

So watch farang live in Isan
with love n understand local way
hope you learn more


Singha yendee, thanks for your comment. I hope you visit my blog again soon. I am looking forward to reading yours. When will you get it started?

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