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13 January 2010


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Lawrence one of the things I like about Thailand is lack of graffiti. However I think the idea of the murals on the wall is an excellent idea.

It will be interesting to see what the artists produce. I wonder if there will be any football players?


Lawrence I know this is a good idea to let the kids and students put their artistic talent on show but this kind of thing doesn't really float my boat. I think there's a place for graffiti projects and council estates, ghettos and any dim lit alley are my idea of the best places for them. I think they are just to much of a contrast against natural Thailand and all.


there was a lot more completed today, but still no footballers. I'll be keeping an eye out for them.

Ubon doesn't have the sort of places you mention. But this road is weird. It's in the heart of the city, but because of what is behind the wall, there can be no shops or houses on that side of the road. The wall is a km long. Look at the pavement -- nobody ever walks on it because of no shops or houses. This is not 'natural Thailand' unless dirty walls are natural. The road gets blocked with traffic because of lights where it meets the main drag. All round, it is the perfect place to be brightened up. The rain and sun will have their effect, but then nothing is permanent, right?


I love seeing it every day and hope they finish the entire wall up past my shop. Just a shame they pulled all the trees out.


Memock, Glad I'm not the only one who appreciates it. I hadn't noticed the trees had gone. I hadn't noticed there were ever any there.

Hope your parents enjoy their visit, btw.

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