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03 January 2010


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Lawrence before I lived here I would never have believed the mass exodus that takes place at holiday times.

If only they had dual track railways with high speed trains.


Mike, This has always been a Thai phenomenom, but the "long weekend" is relatively new and means even more people take advantage of the chance to get out of Bangkok. You can't blame them.

I've read a lot recently about the need to improve Thai railways. I'm not comletely convinced. the lne to Ubon has been upgraded (the track, I mean)and it's much smoother and quieter now. But still cheap. The 3rd class gives lots of people the chance to travel (especially now its free). Like India, trains here provide mass travel at affordable prices. High-speed would get rid of that. It could be the beginning of the end as it almost is in UK.


Lawrence I couldn't get a flight or bus from Udon to Suvarnabhumi on the 3rd and rented the car for one more day. A seven hour drive took over 11 hours and I missed my check in by 20 minutes. The roads were absolutely jam packed. I re booked my flight for the 9th and I'm now back in the UK. Best wishes from a very cold and white England.


Hi Martyn

I read about your nightmare journey. Hope the chest virus has cleared up now. At least you got a bit more time with Wi in Thailand.

I don't envy you or anyone in UK at the moment. And we met people down near Hua Hin who went back to Beijing yesterday. They knew what to expect but it must still have been a shock. Two blankets in Phana this morning, though.

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