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31 January 2010


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Michael Hare

Well done Pii Pensri. Thank you Lawrence for all the information leading up to the book's launch.

It is great for Phana that they have their 300 year old history in print. I hope all local children read it.

And the book is very well printed with great photos and a good layout.


Lawrence say a big well done to Pensri for me, what a dedicated wife you have. Pensri must have absolute pride in the area you live in to have given so much of her time into compiling the history of Phana. I'm certain the book will give many people hours of enjoyment, education and bring back many memories from the past.

I do wish young Wilai would read more but aside from photograph enriched gardening books and magazines she rarely ever does. You can guarantee the day after each lottery she has her head buried inside the national daily but that's about it until the next lottery draw.

Sue and Bob Lewis

Well done Pensri on completing your book on the
history of Phana...what an achievement.Looking foreward to seeing it one day this year!

Thank you Lawrence for keeping us in touch with
life in Phana and other parts of Thailand.I
enjoy reading your blog very much. Suex


Michael, Martyn, Sue:

Pensri thanks you all for your kind words. She is very relieved to have finished the book. She says it has been on her mind since the first moment she settled in England and wondered if she would ever get back here (as she used to tell Sue).

Not many Thais are great readers, so I wouldn't worry about Wilai, Martyn. As for photo-enriched texts, you seem to be reading (and writing) a few of those yourself.

Thanks to you all for your comments, they are much appreciated.

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