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25 January 2010


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Michael Hare

A very detailed description of the funeral. Over the past few years I have become quite an expert on funeral arrangements and now I am familar with all the rituals.

A recent introduction has been for all the close family family members to line up near the steps to the crematorium and get introduced. The more titles one has, like school teacher, ajarn etc, the prouder the family feels.

I also know how you felt about suddenly being called out to present robes to monks. They never tell you. There you are, in a bit of a dream world, and suddenly your name is called out. Usually done in pairs unless you are giving the most important robes at the end to the abbot. Then it is just yourself. Waking oneself up, you walk to the foot of stairs and climb up the steep steps to the coffin. All very straight forward but it is still a big surprise to get called out.

I do it a lot now because of my titles-Professor Doctor. It really is a bit of a show-off for the family to say that someone of importance is there. These days I make sure that I dress correctly in case I get called up.

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