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20 January 2010


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Lawrence some great photographs. Funnily enough I find Chinese temples affect me in a similar way.

I visited a lot in Penang but mainly stayed outside!


With a very heavy Chinese presence in Thailand I'm surprised their temples are not a little more welcoming. Perhaps they have enough big money sponsors to not have to beat the welcome mat.

I've never really thought about Chinese temples before although there is a huge one in Udon Thani city. I believe that one is bright and colourful, red and gold if my memory is correct.

Reading your post you come across as someone who is fairly clued up on Buddhist statues and the links to the history of Buddhism itself. You also seem very intrigued by the mystique surrounding the Chinese temple representations of their deities and possible Buddha images.

Likewise with Mike I think the photos are crystal clear and spot on.


Mike and Martyn:
thanks for your comments. I'm glad some others feel the same way about them. I got more interested in them after my pre-Christmas trip to Malaysia when I visited a mountain-top temple. I got to understand a bit more about what was going on there because I was with one of my brothers-in-law who is Chinese. I'll probably wait to blog about it until I'm back in UK and short of topics. I'd also visited a couple in Hong Kong. But somehow in Thailand I don't usually feel the urge. Too many competing attractions, perhaps.

Glad you found the item interesting, anyway. I was surprised by the photos -- they look better on the blog than they did before i put them there.

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