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02 December 2009


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Lawrence its nice to see some positive action especially regarding plastic bags. I can only assume the folk up your way have a different attitude to the rubbish tip I live in.

Even the well meaning folk who burn the plastic haven't a clue on the toxic smoke we then all breath due to their tidying up!

Rubbish is a big issue in Thailand, but apart from local schemes like yours seems to be on the backburner.


The idea of having 2 smaller bins is a bit odd. Just gonna have to wait and see if they work. I do agree with you that Phana is one of the cleanest place I've ever been!


Mike, I'd say in general Thailand is a lot cleaner now than when I first came here. I've been thinking over why Phana is so clean and I plan to blog about it in a while.

Liew, I think the psychology of it is that it forces you to start sorting out what does NOT need to go in there -- the recyclable stuff like paper, cardboard etc. Also, since we can't now leave the bin out permanently it has to be small enough to carry out easily. Only works with a daily collection, though, which is what we get. So no littering when you next get here!

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