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08 December 2009


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Lawrence I have only seen two scorpions here. One in the garden and a baby one in some vegetables from the market.

Like you I am hopefully now over the urge to dispatch anything that wriggles or scuttles around. I am of course careful where I put my hands etc

Convincing my Thai partner and Thai friends however is another matter.


I remember the first time I saw a scorpion in Thailand and I believe I haven't seen one since. It was in Chachaengsao and on the end of a shovel. A bloke in his early twenties was holding the shovel and chasing me with it, albeit playfully but he hadn't told me. I thought at the time they were highly poisonous and set off at quite a pace with this bloke chasing after me. I wasn't amused. Now I know better.


Hi Mike and Martyn
Thailand seems to teach us lots of different, unexpected things, doesn't it? That must be one of the main joys of liiving in a culture that's not your own.


And thanks for dropping in again, guys!

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