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22 December 2009


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Great photographs Lawrence. I wondered why there were more women than men but I guess they might be working?


Lawrence thanks for educating me about so much of rural life in Thailand. Big Christmas greetings from Udon Thani and I will catch up with your posts soon. Very short on internet access right now.


Thanks, Mike and Martyn. I have been having connection problems so wasn't able to reply before.

Mike, men working, yes, but also the women are more interested in getting some merit (not having been monks).

Martyn, have a good time in Thailand. If you do get to Ban Chiang I'd like to hear what you find out or notice about the site.


Martyn, I forgot to say, bloody hell, you make me sound like a teacher. And I gave up that lark 7 years ago! Still, it's in the blood, I guess. But I'm glad you find some of it interesting.

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