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10 December 2009


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I don't know that I have good news for Mr. Arporn as the BoT expects the Baht to continue to strengthen throughout 2010, perhaps as low as 31 to the dollar. As a positive note though the BoT is willing to intervene to keep the baht above 30 to the dollar. In many countries I'm not sure how important this would be in a global forex market, but considering the way that the THB exchange is conducted I think BoT intervention will work.

Ahhhh to return to the days of 40+ to the dollar.


Lawrence what a fascinating article. Now I have a couple of questions please.

Is chicken oil widely used in Thai cooking?

Is it healthy?

Sounds a bit yuk to me but what do I know?


Steve, thanks for the insider information. Maybe I should move my tiny fortune int Kip. At least it would sound like more.

Mike, I think food vendors would use it if they could. Palm oil costs twice as much. But I guess if we want pad see yiew at 20 - 25 Baht ...
The product must be really pure after being subjected to such temperatures for so long in order to render out all the water. But all animal fat contains cholesterol so the vegetable oils are much more healthy. Chicken oil is probably more tasty, though. Sweings and roundabouts.


Lawrence I must repeat myself and say again how impressed I am with the new look of the site. The way you've cut the photos into the text adds style as well....Chicken fat.

...'All of this may be more information than you needed about one of those topics that is rarely thought about'....

Quite the opposite, I found the post most interesting. I do like to learn new things about Thailand and this comes into that category. I keep trying to imagine what this giant wok looks like and I just can't picture it without the handle it obviously hasn't got. Does he keep it burning away overnight?

He pays 12 baht a kilo and produces 750 kilo which he sells on we'll say for 22 baht per. That's 7,500 baht gross profit less overheads. Mr Arporn is doing well.

Work in the morning, I'd best get the picture of the wok out of my head. I imagine dreams of being boiled alive in the thing and waking with my nose pecked to bits.

If only Colonel Sanders and KFC knew the truth, the chicken industry isn't all about well deck outlets and pristine red uniforms. Behind the bamboo curtain in South East Asia a giant wok burns away. Big pharmaceutical companies and the Colombian jungle spring to mind.

The post...I'd rate it finger licking good.


All this praise is going to my head, Martyn. Enough. That's pretty much what I want to say when Arporn goes on about the chicken processing industry. I could have told you about the head, the neck, the intestines, the liver, the BLOOD! All gets used. But I spared you that or it wouldn't be giant woks in your dreams.

Sorry no picture of the wok (vat, in fact) but it was too big, quite high off the ground and in a confined space. The wok/shallow bowl shape is very efficient at spreading the heat, that's the main thing.
Hope my links work in tomorrow's post. No pics though.

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