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16 December 2009


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It may be just a quiet day, but it sounded quite idyllic in the reading. I can only hope that I too one day will be subject to such normal quiet days.


Lawrence that was an absorbing read.

The man and the snake story made me smile, bet hes a fisherman.


Santa Claws in Phana, a six metre python and a monkey on the electric pylon. Lucky for you it wasn't a hectic and exciting day.

The lunchtime fish sounds great, the oilier the better as far as I go, Thai fish cooked on the grill, now we're talking. Lovely.

Steve got it right with his choice of idyllic in reference to your day. The quiet days are sometimes the better ones, they give you time to plan, reflect and get the odd job done you've been putting off for a while. Remember the saying "anything for a bit of peace and quiet."

Thanks for the plug.


Steve, Mike and Martyn
Thanks for your comments. Nobody picked up on the dead python though. This python is dead. It's a dead python. It is no more. ?? John Cleese? John Cleese a python? Never mind. I really am too old.

Yesterday turned out to be a busy rather than a quiet day, an away-from-home all day, which is why I have only just seen your comments. See you again, I hope.

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Hello Term Paper.
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